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About Sultanganj

The city of Sultanganj is situated in the district of Bhagalpur in Bihar. The city is located in close proximity to the Ganges close to the Sultanganj railway station. Traditionally, the city is linked with a sage named “Jahnu”. Rishi Jahnu’s ashram was a centre of culture and learning. This ashram was positioned on a rock which extended out of river Ganga’s bed. Presently this place owns a Shiva temple which is famous as the “Gaibinath Mahadev” or “Ajgaibinath”. 


Geography and Demographics of Sultanganj

Sultanganj is located on the southern bank of the Ganges. It lies at about 25 kms to the west of the Bhagalpur city. The city is geographically positioned at 25°14'23" in the North and 86°43'48" in the East.  According to the census of 2001, the city’s population was 41,812 out of which 46 percent were females and 54 percent were males. The avg. literacy rate of Sultanganj was 52 percent which was less than the national avg i.e. 59 percent. Female and male literacy were 43 percent and 60 percent respectively.

History of Sultanganj

According to a legend once the Ganga River was on her way to ocean and hence she interfered with Jahnu Muni while he was meditating. The Muni got infuriated and in his anger he swallowed the entire river in one gulp. After that King Bhagiratha offered his prayers to Jahnu Muni and then the sage had to let Ganga go out by cutting his thigh. This is the reason why Ganga is also known as “Jahnavi”. Sultanganj has been popular since the dynasty of Sena and Pala rulers. It is believed that Pala dynasty’s very first king named “Dharmapala” laid the foundation of University of Vikramshila at the city of Sultanganj.

It is said that there was a devotee whose name was “Harinath”. He used to live in Sultanganj. He was fond of making pilgrimages to the Baidyanath temple located at Babadham. Once God came in his dream and ordered him to stop making any distant journeys and go back to his abode, while returning he would see an image on an island rock where he can offer his prayers. Fortunately, the devotee’s dream came true and he finally found an idol at Sultanganj. Till today, the visitors who come to visit Sultanganj visit this pious site and pour water over the idol’s image.

Art and Culture of Sultanganj

Sultanganj has been famous for its architecture and art works since the dynasty of Guptas, Palas and Mauryas. The city has produced many artefacts such as seals, Buddha and Hindu images, stupas, terracotta and coins. One can still witness a plethora of carvings on the hills of Sultanganj. There have been many excavations which have revealed a 7 feet copper statue of Lord Buddha and a few small images as well. This famous copper Buddha image which was excavated in Sultanganj is at the Birmingham Museum in England at present.

A plethora of relics have been discovered from Sultanganj’s Krishnagarh area which have been protected in the Patna Museum. All these show that the city has deep entrenched culture and Hindu religiosity. A majority of relics found here were related to Buddhism which indicates that people had been inclined towards Buddhism religion as well. The antiquities that have been excavated here mostly belong to the medieval era.

The most popular fair that is held in Sultanganj every year is the “Shravani Mela”. This fair is celebrated in the month of July and August and innumerable Shiva devotees from all over the world participate in it. The devotees start their religious journey from Sultanganj and the journey ends at the Baidyanath temple (Shiva) at Deoghar.

Tourism of Sultanganj

A good number of statues have been dug out from Sultanganj. The place near the railway station has remains of a few Buddhist monasteries which are a must-see for all visitors. There is also an old stupa which is also located quite nearby. The following are some notable attractions that one can check out while their stay in Sultanganj:

Ajgaibinath Temple

This is the most famous Hindu temple in Sultanganj where the main deity is Lord Shiva. The temple’s construction dates back to the 16th century and is said to be built by Harinath Bharati. A myriad of devotees flock the temple during the Shravan festival and collect the holy water of Ganga to go further to visit Deoghar also and offer their prayers. Here Sage Jahnu released the Ganges after the prayers of Bhagirath and hence this place is a very important centre for pilgrimage. The island rock is called “Jahngira” which means “The Hill of Jahnu”. The temple is situated at the summit of the hill where Sage Jahnu used to live in an ashram.

Transport in Sultanganj

The Sultanganj railway station is the main railway station of the city. This rail station belongs to the Eastern Railways. The nearest important railway station from Sultanganj is Bhagalpur and the nearest airport to the city is the Patna Airport. There are about thirty express trains that pass through the Sultanganj station.

There are well connected roads from Bhagalpur to Patna and Monghyr. There are excellent bus services which connect the city with Patna, Bhagalpur, Tatanagar, Hazaribagh, Gaya, Ranchi and a few more cities. One can avail scooters, taxis and cycle rickshaws to travel within the city.

Utilities in Sultanganj

Sultanganj being a small city has a fewer amenities and services. Some of the most important services that are offered to the residents of the city have been listed below. The rest of the services can be availed from the Bhagalpur city located quite close to Sultanganj.

Banks in Sultanganj

Address: 1, Upper Rd, Sultanganj, Bhagalpur, Pin code- 813213, Mahajan Tola
Phone: 18002003045

Bank of India
Address: Kesan Mrkt, Thana Rd, Sultanganj, Bhagalpur Dist., Pin code- 813213
Phone: +(91)-641-2492003

Bihar Gramin Bank

Address: At Tilakpur Via Sultanganj, Tilakpur, Dist. Bhagalpur, Pin code- 813213
Phone: +(91)-8102918745

Address: Station Rd At and Post Offc-Sultanganj, Sultanganj, Dist. Bhagalpur, Pin code – 813213
Phone: +(91)-8102918744

Chemist in Sultanganj

Address: Ghat Rd, Near Chouk Bazaar, Sultanganj, DIst. Bhagalpur, Pin code – 813213
Phone: +(91)-9304608118

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